25 September 2014

Joan, forgive me

Classic Hollywood had its fair share of real life couples. During the 1930's, one of those couples was Joan Crawford and Franchot Tone. The two had met in 1933 on the set of their first film "Today we live", got married two years later and were eventually divorced in 1939. The fact that Joan Crawford was much more successful than her husband --Franchot Tone was even referred to by the press as Mr. Joan Crawford-- was one of the main reasons the marriage failed. Tone began to drink heavily and became physically abusive towards Joan which caused her to file for divorce. After the marriage was over, the two maintained a cordial relationship and eventually rekindled their friendship. Tone even proposed marriage again in 1964 but Joan declined. After she moved to New York, Joan saw a lot of her ex-husband, and during the 1960s she even took care of him (especially after he was diagnosed with lung cancer and bound to a wheelchair). When Tone died in 1968, it was Joan Crawford who arranged for him to be cremated.

Franchot Tone and Joan Crawford in the 1934 "Sadie McKee". They would make a total of seven films together.
On 10 August 1967, Franchot Tone sent the following letter to Joan Crawford. In it, he apologises to her for something he had said or done (of which he had no recollection).


Darling Joan-

I was sick -smog, excitement, convivial excesses, etc.- and under sedation and I truly didn't remember after I awoke, until Pat told me. 
I am ashamed. Please forgive. I pray never again to let you for a minute think I do not love and glorify and thank you for all your kindnesses and thoughtfulnesses (is that a word???)
Hope to reach you by phone.

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