22 August 2014

Love from your Eliza

George Cukor is best known for his successful collaborations with women and has often been labelled a "woman's director" (even though he was equally successful at directing men). During a career which spanned 50 years, he worked with some of the finest female stars in the industry, amongst them Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford and Ingrid Bergman. A lot of these actresses adored Cukor and counted him as a friend; best known is his long-lasting friendship with Katharine Hepburn which began in the 1930s. An actress who became Cukor's friend much later in his career was Audrey Hepburn. In 1964, Audrey and Cukor worked together on "My Fair Lady", and during production of the film the two became very close and stayed friends until Cukor's death in 1983. After doing "My Fair Lady", Audrey and Cukor kept looking for projects together, but "My Fair Lady" remained their sole collaboration. 

Here is a lovely (undated) note from Audrey Hepburn to George Cukor in which she shows her feelings for him:

Source Audrey's note: bonhams, image reproduced with permission


Dearest, dearest George,

Am at a loss
for words- so 
'say it with flowers' 
much prettier than 
'respect', 'admiration'
'gratitude', 'devotion'
'adoration', though
not longer lasting
xx LOVE xx 
your Eliza

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