27 August 2014

I shall await a braver mood

Cary Grant always looked good. Dashingly handsome, Grant was always impeccably dressed in both tailored suits and casual attire. When it came to casual clothing, Levi's was a favourite brand of his. However, not everything from Levi's was to his liking. On 6 June 1958, after being given four shirts by Levi Strauss, Grant wrote a letter to Art Roth of the public relations department. In it, he not only thanks Roth for the shirts, but also tells him (in a rather amusing way) that they're a bit too eccentric for his taste:

Source: esquire


June 6. 1958

Dear Art Roth:

It's about time you were thanked for those four Western shirts that greeted my return from another recent trip to Europe: if they had not been buried under the usual mess of accumulated trivia that demanded immediate attention, your kindness would have been acknowledged days ago. Still, I am once again grateful to you, as you must know. The shirts are, for a conservative such as myself, rather, rather....if you dig me....and I'm not at all sure if I can swagger out in gold-threaded finery. I shall await a braver mood.
My temerity is at a low ebb today, but I venture to ask that you let me know if Levi Strauss ever evolve a line of absolutely plain un-checked, un-metal-threaded, absolutely solid-colored shirts....no matter what the colors, I will rush to the nearest shop.
You have my happy and grateful thoughts, Art Roth; when are you and I going to meet?

Cary Grant (signed)

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  1. Great letter. Cary always looked so well dressed.