12 August 2014

I do appreciate your kindness

On 14 May 1939, Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor got married. Their marriage had been arranged with the help of Taylor's studio MGM. The two stars had been seeing each other since 1936 (after they starred together in "My Brother's Wife"), but it wasn't until 1939 that the studio thought it was time for them to get married. An article on unmarried Hollywood couples in the January issue of the popular magazine "Photoplay" (click here to read the article) had apparently opened MGM's eyes and the big boss Louis B. Mayer now insisted on the couple marrying. Mayer even went as far as supervising the wedding arrangements himself.

The newlyweds on 14 May 1939; their marriage would last until 1951. Barbara Stanwyck never remarried and would later state that Robert Taylor was the love of her life.
The following note was written by Barbara Stanwyck to Eddie Mannix, vice-president at MGM. Two days after her wedding to Robert Taylor, Barbara thanks Mannix for the flowers he sent her (presumably on the occasion of her wedding):

Source: bonhams/ image reproduced with permission


May 16/39

Dear Eddie.

Thank you so much for your beautiful flowers. I do appreciate your kindness to me and I sincerely hope I shall please all of you as much as I know Bob has. The very best for you always Eddie, and bless you,


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