21 May 2014

"When are you coming to work for me?"

When "Double Indemnity" came out in September 1944, Billy Wilder got mixed up in a conflict with David Selznick, following Selznick's advertising campaign for his film "Since You Went Away" (in an earlier post From Hitch to Billy, you can read all about it). A few months later, however, things had apparently settled down, and on 1 December 1944 David Selznick was gracious enough to write the following letter to Billy Wilder.

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David O. Selznick
Culver City, California

December 1, 1944

Dear Billy:

I had the great pleasure, at long last, of seeing "Double Indemnity" the other evening. Please accept my most sincere congratulations on a truly fine job. When are you coming to work for me?

David (signed)

Mr. Billy Wilder
Paramount Pictures Inc.
5451 Marathon Street
Hollywood 38, California

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  1. Nice follow up. Though I doubt Wilder would ever have wanted to work for Selznick.