26 May 2014

No more ankle straps, please!

Joan Crawford must have had a thing for shoes. Her trademark shoes were ankle strap shoes and by the looks of it, she had loads of them. On 10 December 1963, Joan wrote a letter to shoe designer Joseph La Rose of La Rose Footwear, speaking of the shoes she wanted him to design for her (this time without ankle straps!). Here is Joan's letter, which also includes a hand-drawn outline of her right foot:

Source: the best of everything: a joan crawford encyclopedia


December 10, 1963

My dear Mr. La Rose,

Enclosed are rough outlines of my right and left feet. My color preference is black, with open toes, open back (but no ankle straps) and my favorite heel height is 3 inches.

Joan Crawford (signed)

Mr. La Rose
331 Laura St.
Jacksonville, Florida

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