3 March 2014

Fred MacMurray's moustache

On 7 February 1941, Fred MacMurray wrote a letter to a fan (I can only presume that the addressee, Eric Moorehouse, was a fan), talking about his films and his moustache. MacMurray, normally without moustache, wore a moustache in only one picture, "True Confession" (1937) with Carole Lombard. While Hollywood had its share of leading men who looked good wearing moustaches (Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, George Brent, to name but a few), there were plenty of actors who looked considerably better without the facial hair. In the following letter MacMurray shares his sentiments on the subject:

Source: autograph gallery


February 7, 1941

Eric Moorehouse
23 Culme Road, West Derby
Liverpool 12, England

Dear Eric:

Your letter stating your appreciation of my picture work is very gratifying. Since the recent release of "Virginia" I have been working on "Night in Lisbon", I trust you will enjoy both.

Under separate cover I am sending you an autographed picture 'without mustache' as per request. I wore the mustache in only the one picture. Am glad you like it not, for that is the way I feel about it.


Fred M. MacMurray 


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