18 February 2014

The ring is fab!

Elizabeth Taylor was known for her passion for jewelry. At the time of her death (in 2011), she had about $150 million worth of jewels, many of which were gifts from her fifth husband Richard Burton. One of the jewels Burton gave her was a ring known as the Krupp Diamond. On 16 May 1968, Burton acquired the ring at an auction at Sotheby's for $305,000. After Liz's death, the ring became known as the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond and sold for $8.8 million at Christie's. The ring was said to have been Liz's favourite piece of jewelry.

In May 1968, Elizabeth Taylor was staying in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, for production of the film "Secret Ceremony" (1968). A few years earlier, Liz and Richard Burton had been in Noordwijk for Burton's film "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" (1965), and Liz had such fond memories of the place she wanted the beach scenes of "Secret Ceremony" to be shot there. It was from Noordwijk that Liz sent the following postcard (postmarked 29 May 1968) to her parents: 

Via: gold art


Dear Mom + Dad,

Did you read about my ring?
[drawing] -it's fab!
Love you both
Wish you were here!

Mr. & Mrs. Francis TAYLOR
2318 Donella Circle
Los Angeles, California 90024

Elizabeth Taylor with her father Francis and mother Sara

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