18 January 2014

Greta & Grace

As I've said before, it's great to come across correspondence that is surprising or unexpected. I think this goes for the correspondence I found between Greta Garbo and Grace Kelly. The two actresses never worked together professionally (Greta retired from acting in 1941 when Grace's career hadn't even started), so I never would have guessed they knew each other socially, let alone be friends. The fact that Grace's letter starts with "Dear Miss G.", says something about the level of their friendship. In a Vanity Fair article by William Frye ("The Garbo Next Door"), Frye says that to her closest friends Greta Garbo was G.G.; if you were on the next level of intimacy, she was Miss G., and everybody else called her Miss Garbo.

Greta Garbo was a very private person. Throughout her Hollywood career, she avoided parties, never came to the Oscar ceremonies, never gave autographs or answered fanmail, and hardly ever gave interviews. In retirement, she avoided being in the public eye altogether. However, contrary to what people believed, she did have many friends and acquaintances she socialised with, Grace Kelly being one of them.

The following letter is from Grace Kelly to Greta Garbo (with no mention of the year in which she wrote it):

Image letter via: i heart grace kelly


July 28th

Dear Miss G.

I couldn't be here with the Logans- so close- without sending my love-
we miss you & often think of the lovely times in Monaco and Cap d'Ail-

with great affection
Grace Kelly

The second letter was written by Greta Garbo to Grace Kelly. Dated 7 June 1965, this is Greta's reply to an invitation she received from Grace:

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