28 January 2014

Barbara & son congratulate Joan

During the 1930s, Joan Crawford was one of Hollywood's greatest stars and one of the best paid women in the USA. Her popularity, however, began to decline by the end of the 1930s, which resulted in her being labelled box office poison. Joan managed to get back on her feet again in the years that followed, finally making her comeback in 1945 with "Mildred Pierce". Her portrayal of Mildred was one of the finest performances of her career, and it was the only performance for which she won an Oscar.

The 18th Academy Awards Ceremony was held on 7 March 1946, but without Joan who was in bed with pneumonia. (It was believed, however, that she had stayed at home because she was convinced she wouldn't win.) The next day, Joan's friend Barbara Stanwyck wrote her the following letter to congratulate her on winning the Oscar. The second letter shown below was written by 13-year old Dion Anthony ("Tony"), Barbara's adopted son.


March 8/46

My dear Joan:

Congratulations! We wanted you to know how very pleased and happy we were with your deserving award last nite. I only regret you were unable to be there & accept it personally. Our very best to you and greater success than ever before----------- Barbara


Dear Miss Crawford:

My mother has already written you a letter but I want to appeal my happiness for your sucess in last nights "Oscar's' winners I had hoped you would win. I saw "Mildred Pearce" and then I knew you would win the the Academy Award. You don't know how pleased I am to hear you won.

Tony Stanwyck

Tony was adopted in 1932, when Barbara was still married to her first husband Frank Fay. After their divorce, Barbara got custody of Tony. Barbara's relationship with Tony proved difficult in later years and they would eventually become estranged.

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