27 May 2024

You brought eggsactly the right flavor to Batman

Today, on what would have been Vincent Price's 113th birthday, I am sharing a letter sent to Price by Adam West in 1990, on the occasion of Price's 79th birthday. West was Price's co-star in the 1960s Batman television series, in which he played the lead role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. In season two and three of the series (1966-1967), Price had a recurring role as the villain Egghead, appearing in a total of seven episodes. Created especially for the Batman TV series, Egghead was in the character's own words "the world's smartest criminal", his crimes and speech patterns usually involving eggs. Price later said about the series: "I was thrilled to be on the Batman series. I really felt that it was one of the most brilliant television series ever done. The imagination and the creativeness that went into those shows were extraordinary. They were way ahead of their time..." The Batman series ran for three seasons (from 12 January 1966 until 14 March 1968) with 120 episodes. Ratings had dropped considerably by the end of the third season and, as a result, the show was cancelled. 

Vincent Price (l) and Adam West as resp. Egghead and Batman
Price as Egghead with Anne Baxter as Olga, Queen of Cossacks. Appearing in five episodes, Olga was Egghead's partner in crime and love interest. (Baxter played two villains in the series; apart from Olga, Baxter also played Zelda the Great in two episodes.)
Source: Heritage Auctions

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