25 April 2015

Jean Arthur says cheese

Except for this little note, I could find no correspondence of Jean Arthur. She was an extremely private person and didn't leave much behind in the way of correspondence. Written in July 1974 to Victor Scherle and William Levy (authors of "The Films of Frank Capra" (1977)), this note doesn't really say much other than that Jean loved cheese, cheddar in particular. Incidentally, Jean apparently also loved chocolate fudge; her recipe can be seen on the wonderful website Silver Screen Suppers (here). 

Jean Arthur and co-star John Wayne taking a bite of a (cheese?) burger in the 1943 "A Lady Takes a Chance".
Source: ebay


Dear Mr. Scherle + Levy,

Thank you so much for the present. I wish I could lie- so I could have another one. It's the best cheddar I've ever tasted.

Jean Arthur

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