14 January 2015

Missy darling

It is often rumoured that, apart from having been good friends, Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford were once lovers. In "Joan Crawford: The Essential Biography" (written by Lawrence J. Quirk and William Schoell (2002)) Crawford's press agent and confidant Jerry Asher is quoted as saying: "Missy [Stanwyck] and Joan were very alike, interested in men and women alike. They had adjoining properties in Brentwood. When Barbara was mistreated, beaten by her first husband, Frank Fay, Barbara would escape from his drunken rantings by fleeing to Joan's house, where Joan would console her. Eventually one thing led to another". And Helen Ferguson, Barbara's press agent for many years, stated: "There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara and Joan were intimate on more than one occasion" [source]. Well, friends or lovers-- Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford had a special bond that was formed in the 1930s and lasted well into the 1970s (until Joan's death). The two women kept up a correspondence with each other over the years, and on 7 March 1974 --Ella Smith's biography on Barbara ("Starring Miss Barbara Stanwyck") had just been published-- Joan wrote Barbara this affectionate letter: 


March 7, 1974

Missy darling,

I have been waiting to write to you when I could do a longhand letter, but there just never comes that time. Your Santa Claus card this past Christmas was just adorable, and you were sweet to think of me.

Your book is here and your autograph is so warm and loving. I am deeply grateful for Nolan for getting it for me, and to you for autographing it so sweetly. I must say, darling, when people come to see me, the book is picked up by them and I never see their faces the rest of the evening, they are buried in the book! It is magnificently done and you must be very happy with it!

I received your note today too about the wire that I sent you.

God bless- and my dearest love to you. 

Joan (signed)
Barbara and Joan in the early 1930s

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