17 November 2014

Cary Grant's shoes

In one of my earlier posts (here), the always stylish Cary Grant talked about the shirts he liked. In the following letter, addressed to fellow actor and friend Clifton Webb, Grant talks about shoes. After Webb had admired a pair of moccasins that belonged to Grant, Grant gave his friend a pair of his own. This is the note -dated 8 April 1955- that accompanied his gift:

Source: heritage auctions/ image reproduced with permission


April 8, 1955

Dear Clifton:

Everything comes to he who waits. Including peculiar things like these. This will teach you not to lavish your flattering little words so easily the next time, because, as anyone could have expected, they are not quite the same as those you pretended to admire. Still, their color..... darker than those I have--- may fade to the proper shade of rust .....in fact, I think mine did. The sole-stitching is, however, quite different and I don't know what to do about that. (I could do with some new soul-stitching myself.) Anyway the buttons, you must admit, are elegant.
Let me know if, or not, they fit..... they should be a little snug at first. If you've any questions on how to cut the button-holes after they're on your handsome little tootsies, just telephone me. CRestview 50970.
Oh, this is far too long a note to accompany a mere pair of moccasins. Just throw them away.
Love to Mabel, and from Betsy, dear Clifton.

Cary (signed)


  1. Another great letter. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great letter. Cary was such a cool customer. So well-dressed and well-shod (have always especially loved his casual look - from head to toe - in "To Catch a Thief"), and not a bad letter-writer either...