23 October 2014

Thanks for the champagne!

On 17 February 1962, six months before her untimely death, Marilyn Monroe wrote this short note to Volkmar von Zühlsdorff thanking him for his champagne. Von Zühlsdorff, whom Marilyn mistakingly calls Von Fühlsdorff, was a German attorney and diplomat (at the time he was Consulate General in Los Angeles). Little is known about his meeting with Marilyn, but according to the Berlin auction house that auctioned the note in April 2008, Von Zühlsdorff and Marilyn had dinner once after which he sent her champagne. Short and to the point, this is Marilyn's note:


February 17, 1962

Mr. Volkmar von Fuehlsdorff
German Consulate General
3450 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles 5, California

Dear Mr. von Fuehlsdorff:

Thank you for your champagne.

It arrived, I drank it, and I was gayer.

Thanks again.

My best,

Marilyn Monroe


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