17 June 2014

Little or no regards from Rosalind Russell

Rosalind Russell's comedic talent shines through in such wonderful classics as "The Women" (1939) and "His Girl Friday" (1940). That Russell was not just funny on screen but also off screen, shows the following letter she wrote to George Cukor in 1942. The two had worked together on "The Women" and apparently also saw each other socially. On 31 March 1942, Rosalind Russell wrote this letter to Cukor while she was staying at the La Quinta Hotel in Palm Springs, California:

Source: bonhams/ image reproduced with permission


Mar 31 '42

Dear George:

I am thinking of you. Don't ask me why because I don't know. I hope to God I have not placed myself mentally or otherwise in the category of all those old crows you insist upon reviving in your pictures. Am down here regaining my looks, which is no easy matter. The phone rings constantly with MacCarey, LaCava, Hawks and all the better directors screaming at me for my services. Dietrich is here next door with Gabin....her phone never rings. They sun in the nude and it is a sight....a sight, I tell you/
Presume you are at Tommys' for dinner to-night. He asked US but knew in advance we would be out of town. He promised to give me that desert hole of his many times and when I tried to actually RENT it made excuses....something about Howard Hughs [sic]....whoever he is. Tommy does not seem to appreciate a good connection like myself. After all, I had him repair a dining room chair this year and told a few friends about it. My picture was in the paper Sunday too.... doing my war work. Well, he'll learn.
I shall be back in town after the season and would love to hear from you once you're free-lancing. Now that you're not giving those lunches anymore and I have repaid you with a full course dinner I see no reason to contact YOU....unless you have a script worthy of my abilities. 
My love to Jimmy and little or no regards to you.

Rosalind (signed)

Rosalind Russell, Joan Crawford and George Cukor on the set of "The Women"

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  1. Another wonderfully rare letter. Thank you. Like Rosalind's sense of humor.