My Favourite Letters

A list of my favourite letters (in random order):

David Selznick to Will Hays - Selznick's plea to use the word "damn" in "Gone With The Wind".

Correspondence between Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock - letters regarding Grace's withdrawal from "Marnie".

Jessica Tandy to Marlon Brando - Tandy reprimands Brando on his work ethic and mumbling on stage during the Broadway production of "A Streetcar Named Desire".

Joan Crawford to Barbara Stanwyck - season's greetings from Joan with interesting comment from Barbara.

Billy Wilder to the National Legion of Decency-  telegram from Wilder regarding the censorship of "The Seven Year Itch".

Humphrey Bogart to Hal Wallis - Bogart complains about George Raft's behaviour during production of "Manpower".

Arthur Miller to Billy Wilder- angry telegram from Miller regarding Wilder's attack on Marilyn Monroe after production of "Some Like it Hot".

Humphrey Bogart to Hal Wallis- telegram from Bogart fishing for the lead role in "High Sierra".

Hal Wallis to Jack Warner- memo from Wallis to studio boss Warner saying that Bogart is ideal for "Casablanca".

Charles Laughton to Billy Wilder- Laughton's view on the Oscars.

Greta Garbo to Jacqueline Kennedy- Garbo's letter to the first lady regarding the president's 'tooth'.

Cary Grant to Art Roth from Levi Strauss- Grant thanks Strauss in a very amusing way for the shirts he was given.

Lauren Bacall to John Wayne- Bacall thanks Wayne for standing up for her during production of "Blood Alley".

Clara Bow to Marlon Brando- Bow's fan letter to Brando.

Lauren Bacall to Clifton Webb- shortly after Bogart's death, Bacall thanks Webb for being such a good friend to Bogie.

James Dean to his cousin Markie- Dean's advice to his cousin.

Louise Brooks to a friend- vicious letter from Brooks on Charlie Chaplin.

Arnold Schönberg to Irving Thalberg- composer Schönberg waits impatiently for Thalberg's reply after their meeting weeks earlier.

John Springer to Grace Kelly- Grace's publicist warns Grace about Jack Nicholson.

Alfred Hitchcock to Joan Crawford- amusing letter regarding Joan's article in Vogue and her cooking.

Correspondence between Fred Astaire and A.C. Spectorsky- a most civil exchange of letters between Astaire and the editorial director of Playboy Magazine after Astaire's photo was published against his will.

Clark Gable to his Dad- 27-year-old Gable writes to his estranged Dad.

Groucho Marx to Warner Bros.- hilarious letter from Groucho regarding the use of the word 'Casablanca' in the title of the next Marx Brothers' film.

Katharine Hepburn to John Wayne- Hepburn writes regarding the film she did with Wayne- "Rooster Cogburn".

Letters from the public to David Selznick- negative reactions from the public regarding the casting of Norma Shearer in "Gone With The Wind".

updated on 16 February 2015

From left to right-- top row: Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant and Clara Bow; middle row: Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford and Alfred Hitchcock; bottom row: Humphrey Bogart, Louise Brooks and Jessica Tandy.

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