12 December 2013

Errol and his unpaid underwear

When I was a young girl, Errol Flynn was my first movie hero, so I thought it would be nice to start this blog with him. While dashing and charming on the big screen, in real life Errol was a bit of a scoundrel and known for his notorious lifestyle. He loved partying and spending lots of money, which often got him into financial difficulties. Thus, the following, handwritten letter shouldn't come as a surprise.

The letter (or note, rather) dates from January 1955, but was only discovered June of this year. Apparently Errol bought several items at a Northampton clothes shop that he didn't pay for (underwear, pants?; there is no record of what he actually bought). Bernard Jeffery, who was manager of the shop at the time, hired a firm of detectives (MacCormack's Agency) to track Errol down after he'd left town without paying his bills. Earlier this year, the letter was discovered in the shop's archives by the current manager Jonathan Williams, great grandson to Mr Jeffery. In this letter, addressed to MacCormack's Agency, Errol is asking for a postponement of payment (the handwritten date was added by Mr Jeffery). It remains unclear, however, if he did pay the bill eventually.



Messrs MacCormack's Agency, Northampton

Dear Sirs,

If you would care to wait about a week longer I will be able to pay your account in full. The only reason it has not been settled previously is inability, not disinclination.

Yours etc. Errol Flynn

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  1. 'Inability 'suggests Errol was out of funds - hard to believe.