6 January 2014

"Beautiful, precious little baby, hurry up the sun!"

I will always try to post the original letter, but sometimes it's not to be found. This goes for the following love letter Orson Welles wrote to his wife Rita Hayworth. The couple was married from 1943 till 1948. In 1946 they became estranged after Rita had accused her husband of infidelity. Welles claimed he was falsely accused, and then he did start having affairs and so did Rita. During the production of "The Lady from Shanghai" in 1947, the couple reconciled. However, this was only briefly, a year later Rita filed for divorce (to the press she reportedly said: "I can't take his genius anymore").

Orson Welles wrote several love letters to his wife, so this is only one of them (and mind you, it's not the entire letter; I could only find an excerpt, with no mention of the date):

Dearest Angel Girl:  
... I suppose most of us are lonely in this big world, but we must fall tremendously in love to find it out. The cure is the discovery of our need for company—I mean company in the very special sense we've come to understand since we happened to know each other—you and I. The pleasures of human experience are emptied away without that companionship—now that I've known it; without it joy is just an unendurable as sorrow. You are my life—my very life. Never imagine your hope approximates what you are to me. Beautiful, precious little baby—hurry up the sun! Make the days shorter till we meet. I love you, that's all there is to it.  Your boy,  Orson

Source: wellesnet

Rita and Orson with daughter Rebecca, who was born in 1944

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